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How to peel off stubborn adhesive, how to safely apply and remove adhesive mounts.

How to peel off stubborn adhesive film

Some of our first batch of units arrived with adhesive film that was a bit tricky to peel back. We've since corrected this on the manufacturing side, but if your adhesive film is giving you trouble check out the video below to learn how to release it

How to safely apply and remove adhesive mounts

Our strong adhesive mounts are one time use (or should we say one-time-stick-and-use-forever) so we recommend taking care to adhere your accessories properly, and removing the adhesive gently to prevent damage. 1. Wipe the surface using an alcohol wi

Help, my kickstand broke!

Back in mid-December 2022, we started to get a disproportionate number of customers showing us that their kickstand broke without applying a whole lot of pressure. This failure appears to affect around 5% of orders. The day I saw these emails coming

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Video how-tos for attaching and installing your Deckmate System