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How to safely apply and remove adhesive mountsUpdated a year ago

Our strong adhesive mounts are one time use (or should we say one-time-stick-and-use-forever) so we recommend taking care to adhere your accessories properly, and removing the adhesive gently to prevent damage.

Applying your adhesive:

1. Wipe the surface using an alcohol wipe and let dry before adhering your mount. 

2. Press firmly to assist adhesion. 

3. Although the mounts work immediately, we recommend letting it stick (without stress) for 24 hours before using. The longer you wait, the stronger the bond will be.

4. If you plan to adhere to a particularly delicate surface like a wall we recommend covering the surface first with masking tape for extra protection. 

Adhesive removal tips:

1. The best adhesive removal technique we have found is to use dental floss. Break off a length of floss and wedge it between the mount and the surface using a sawing motion back and forth. (see first video below). You can also use a flat dull object to pry your adhesive mount from your device. (see second video below)

2. Once your mount is removed there may be a few rogue stickies left over which you should be able to easily pick off or by rubbing it with your finger. In some cases you may consider using Goo-Gone to remove any residual adhesive but please take care to follow the instructions on the bottle as they pertain to your particular surface.

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