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About UsUpdated a year ago

Mechanism (Previously Deckmate) began with a problem and an idea for a solution. In early 2022 Mechanism’s founder Siri Ramos purchased a Steam Deck and quickly realized it was missing a critical thing, a kickstand. 

With his extensive background in product design working for major tech companies Siri began to CAD a grip and kickstand design that he could 3D print and use himself.  As he continued to play with the Deck and design he realized that with the locking design he created that he could make an adhesive puck to attach his battery bank and USB-C hub to his Steam Deck. 

When he finished the initial design he shared it on Reddit for free so others could print their own and enjoy his designs. He quickly realized how popular his designs were and many people who didn’t have access to a 3D printer started to ask if he would produce a product for sale. 

So in the Fall of 2022 Siri expanded the accessory line with input from the Reddit Steam Deck community and had the first batch of Deckmate accessories molded in China. 

Since that initial batch Mechanism has shipped over 20,000 orders (many from his dining room table) to over 50 countries and continues to help people create their perfect gaming set up.

Mechanism has also continued to grow beyond the Steam Deck offering their flagship accessory system for the Asus ROG Ally, Nintendo Switch, and beyond. 

In the spirit of design, collaboration, and community Mechanism has always and will always offer 3D files for FREE on our website.

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