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3D Printed Parts Assembly videoUpdated a year ago

Everything you need to know about downloading printing and assembling your 3D printed parts can be found here including a comparison chart  between a molded system and a 3D printed system to help you decide whats best for you.

Follow along to assemble your own 3D printed accessory system.

Here is the Bill of Materials you will need for assembly:

1) Hinge mechanism: here

IMPORTANT: You don't have to buy EXACTLY this listing. This is one of those Made in China parts that are resold everywhere. Just find a listing in your country with a kickstand that looks like this and it will work:


2) Springs: here (Alternatively, you can use ball point pen springs, which is what I am currently using)

3) Plastic heat set inserts: here or here

4) Screws: here

5) VHB (adhesive): here

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